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Tacoma, WA Masonry Services

As a top masonry contractor in the area, we offer an array of services and have the ability to work with a range of materials, such as concrete, brick, and stone, to ensure the installation of patios, retaining walls, chimneys, and so much more are top quality. You can depend on our services for both residential and commercial customers to provide exceptional results for every project we take on.

We have found that most residential and commercial property owners want the same thing – to build something that is durable and designed to last. It does not matter if this is a patio, decorative accent, retaining wall, or something else, we believe there is no point in building something that will not be around for several decades. If you are thinking about having something large or small built on your property, hiring our masonry contractors should be a top priority.

For several centuries, masonry has been one of the most reliable building methods used. It is still popular today because of the timeless quality it offers. The strength, durability, and timelessness of masonry are all due to the elemental nature of this building method – it speaks of and comes from the earth.

Our team is made up of highly skilled, licensed, and insured masons. We take to heart that we are a part of this important tradition, which is why we approach every job with an unparalleled level of professionalism. If you want to have something built that is both beautiful and strong, contact our team today to get started.

Remember, not all masonry contractors are created equal. Our team has the experience and ability to provide the high level of services you want, need, and expect. Not only do we know what to do, but we know how to do it right. 


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    Residential Masonry

    Without a doubt we know that concrete maintains its integrity in all weather, it is also flexible, resilient, and simple to preserve. New innovation provides more creative license in flexibility and design with marking, tinting, and distinct sealants. One does not normally associate design of a driveway offering greater curb appeal and quality to a house; take an quick glance at what we can do for you.

    Commercial Masonry

    If you have any project in the works at your commercial property, you need to ensure you are working with the right professionals – us – because it will make a huge difference in the outcome of the project. With our help, you can feel confident that the commercial masonry project you have in mind is met and exceeded.

    Flatwork and Pavers
    Our team can provide masonry flat work and paver patio installation. We can also help with the creation of paver brick walkways, paver patio installation, paver repairs, and more. Our team can help with the design and implementation of any paver or flatwork that you have in mind to ensure you get the area your area you want on your residential or commercial property.
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    Stone Veneers
    We offer several stone veneer services. These include stone or natural stone veneer siding, stone thin veneer, thin natural stone veneer siding, stone siding used for retaining walls, fireplaces, interior or exterior wallcoverings and more. If you want to enjoy the look and durability offered by stone veneer, contact us to learn more.
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    Walkways and Steps
    Creating an outdoor walkway is a great way to extend the livable space in your home and ensure you can entertain or just enjoy the outdoor area. We can also create the plans and design elements for a walkways and steps in or around your property to mark the pathways clearly.
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    Retention Walls
    Do you want to add some texture to your commercial or residential properties landscape? Or, to you need something that is functional to help prevent dirt from crumbling down and making its way into other parts of the property? If so, you should carefully consider the benefits offered by the installation of a retaining wall. These are usually designed around an area that slopes downward because debris and soil may come pouring down into your landscape. Also, if your property is prone to flooding and erosion, a retaining wall can be an invaluable addition. We use several materials for the creation of a retaining wall including glass blocks, concrete blocks, and we can create walls featuring split faces.
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    Do you want to install a brick chimney inside or outside your home or property? If so, this is a great way to add ambiance to the space along with a source of warmth. Making sure the fireplace is constructed properly is essential to ensure it can safely operate. Our team can handle the entire process and create the fireplace you want. Some of the materials we offer for the creation of your fireplace include sandstone, slate, granite, dry stack, and cobblestone.
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    Chimney Repair
    Have you noticed issues with your existing chimney? If so, you likely understand that to safely have a fire – inside or outside – your home or property, the chimney must be in safe, operating condition. If you notice cracks, damage, or issues with the masonry in place, now is the time to contact us for an inspection and repairs. We will make short work of any chimney repair project and ensure it meets your needs and expectations.
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    As professional bricklayers you can count on our team to deliver the results desired. We can provide brick or stone veneering services or provide other bricklaying solutions based on the needs and specifications of your project.
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    If you have been thinking about a new surface, structure, or anything else that requires masonry work, we are here to help. To get started with your project, all you have to do is get in touch. We are here to answer any questions you have and ensure you are confident in our ability to provide you with the desired results for your masonry project.