Tacoma, WA Walkways & Steps


Your average home owner will pour their concrete for patio and sidewalks at the same time as they pour the driveway. Why not? They’ve been told that concrete is durable and even customizable now. When you stamp or color your concrete you are signing up for additional maintenance each year! Then you start talking sealing and color refreshes. What a headache. That is why masonry is your number one bet every time. We install more stone and brick stairways and pathways than poured concrete because it is generally preferred among home owners as it keeps a natural and attractive appearance while also offering more design options.

When you are building a home you know that your entryway is supposed to draw the eye naturally. Your focus should be zeroed in on that main feature. Surprisingly, your walkway and steps can be utilized to take your guests on a specific journey. Our experienced brick layers can help you decide what type of journey your home can offer visitors and even people glancing your way.

The creative license while using stone or brick are endless. Having a good team listen and understand what you are looking for while also lending their expertise to create a dynamic and complete design is priority for our team. Often times we recommend combining materials to create your own personal touch that visually enriches all who are privileged to see your aged and timeless creation. Due to the nature of brick and stone your walkway or steps will be built made to last. If there is ever need for repair, it becomes clear that you made the right choice when you are simply replacing a few stones versus demoing the entire concrete slab.
Some other benefits to choosing brick include but are not limited to, easy repairs, timeless appeal, durability, variety, and can also resurface that unwanted concrete. Some options include straight paths, curved layouts, mosaic patterns, bordered herringbone, and even aged brick to name a few. Serpentine paths that wind through your landscaping creates an illusion of a more spacious area. This also allows nature or your landscaping to makes it debut as these work together to create a picturesque feel around your home. Others prefer a more direct path to the home or to an added feature such as a pool or patio as a highlight to their home.

When deciding on your patterns for laying brick, we will help you zero in on what you are hoping to achieve. Whether you desire a more subtle walkways or if you want it to be more eye catching; we can help you make it a reality. Patterns with continuous lines tend to draw less attention to the actual path and more focus is taken by the feature it is leading to whereas pathways with many broken lines, such as the basket weave, catch the eye. With our years of experience, we feel confident we can assist you with your design and patterns


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